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​oral hygiene

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1coin Seminar

​Learn oral hygiene at your home with an online seminar by Zoom


Personal Consultation

​You can learn how to choose a toothbrush and how to use floss or IDB in private lessons.


​interpreter servise

It's okay if you don't speak Japanese.

​I will visit a dental clinic together as your interpreter.


​What is oral care seminar?


I am not a dental professional, can I join it?

My seminar is for the general public.

Please take this course for your health and your family's health.


​Why your online seminar are cheap?

​I have worked at a dental clinic in Japan and have seen many foreigners coming for emergency treatment.

​There are only a few dental clinics in Japan that does speak English.

​First of all, let you know how much importance oral hygiene and raise your level of health. 

​You can participate as many times as you like.

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Why does keeping clean teeth lead to general health?

The mouth is the entrance to the whole body.

​If you have bacteria in your mouth, it is the same as eating them everyday even you maintenance your other general health.

​Keeping your mouth healthy also reduces your risk of diabetes and systemic illness. 


​JIDH Association



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