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Health has noborder

Nice to meeting you.

My name is Akiho Saito as founder/CEO boundaryless.

​While I am still working as a dental hygienist,

I also provide medical interpretation for foreign patients.

However unfortunately, most foreign patients tend to be treated in an emergency.

Why did they have to drilling their teeth?

Why did they have to feel pain?

 Dental hygienist's work is not to only treatment teeth.

Our work is proud to prevent dental disease and keep you healthy.

​I am not only focus on your plaque.

 I would like to advice to your diet and life style and how to brushing teeth.

​Let me advice!!

Akiho Saito

Director / Boundaryless project

Founder / Pempitak Japan

Personal history

I was born September 12, 1991 from Tokyo.

After working as a dental assistant, I became interested about dental care and entered and graduated dental hygienist college the following year.

I worked in Japan as a dental hygienist, but moved to Phuket where husband home country as our family life, and I have to leaved the dental industry.

I worked as a hotel concierge at the five star hotel in Phuket and I also learn business English.

Now, I am back to Japan and I work several time a week at a dental clinic and teaching dental English to the Japanese dental specialist.

​As a dental hygienist, I am interested in tackling food loss and waste issues in order to increase the number of people who can eats delicious meals that lead to oral health.

The food loss and waste project was launched with the goal of doing so.

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